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Vandalism is any addition, removal, or change of content in a deliberate attempt to compromise the integrity of Zombie Jombie Wiki. Examples of typical vandalism are adding irrelevant obscenities and crude humor to a page, illegitimately blanking pages, and inserting obvious nonsense into a page.

Committing vandalism violates Zombie Jombie Wiki policy. If you find that another user has vandalized Zombie Jombie Wiki, you should revert these changes; you may also warn the user by using {{vandalism}}. Users who vandalize Zombie Jombie Wiki repeatedly, despite warnings to stop, should be reported to an administrator so that they may be blocked according to the blocking policy.


All forms of spams are not allowed in Zombie Jombie Wiki and will be deleted by the administrators. A warning can be given to a spammer by using {{spam}}.

Comment Spamming

Similar to chat spamming, comment spamming is the repetition of a word or line typed out by a user using the comment section under the articles. This is usually done by "Copy and Paste".

External Link Spamming

Adding external links to an article or user page for the purpose of promoting a website or a product is not allowed, and is considered to be spam. Although the specific links may be allowed under some circumstances, repeatedly adding links will in most cases result in all of them being removed.

Friend Code and Trades Spamming

Posting friend code or discussing trades in an article or in the comment section under the article is not allowed and will result in the user being blocked according to the blocking policy. Warnings are posted clearly on the main page and article pages.



Harassment is defined as a pattern of repeated offensive behavior that appears to a reasonable observer to intentionally target a specific person or persons. Usually (but not always) the purpose is to make the target feel threatened or intimidated, and the outcome may be to make editing Wikipedia unpleasant for the target, to undermine them, to frighten them, or to discourage them from editing entirely.

Personal Attacks

Do not make personal attacks anywhere in Zombie Jombie Wiki. Comment on content, not on the contributor. Personal attacks do not help make a point; they only hurt the wiki community and deter users from helping to create a good encyclopedia. Derogatory comments about other contributors may be removed by any editor. Repeated or egregious personal attacks may lead to blocks.

Blocking Policy

Blocking is the method by which administrators technically prevent users from editing Zombie Jombie Wiki. Blocks may be applied to user accounts, to IP addresses, and to ranges of IP addresses, for either a definite or an indefinite time. A blocked user can continue to access Zombie Jombie Wiki, but cannot edit any page (including their own user page), except (in most cases) their own message wall.

Blocks are used to prevent damage or disruption to Zombie Jombie Wiki. Any user may report disruption and ask administrators to consider blocking a disruptive account or IP address.

Block length guidelines

For friend code and trades spaming
Regarding friend code and trades spams First instance Repeated
Anon(IP addresses) and registered users 1-2 weeks Infinite
For other spams, abuse or vandalism
Regarding spams, abuse or vandalism First instance Second instance Repeated
Registered users Warning 1-2 weeks Infinite
Anon(IP addresses) Warning 1-2 weeks 3 months

Note: that warnings are not always required; accounts whose main or only use is obvious vandalism or other forbidden activity may be blocked without warning.

Privacy Policy

For more information on Wikia privacy policy, see w:Wikia:Privacy Policy.

Card Stats

Occasionally we may use the stats of cards posted in comments to update the Card Database. Please specify in your comment when posting a comment containing the stats of cards if you do not wish Zombie Jombie Wiki to use the data to update the database.

Wikia Policy

There are very few policies which apply across all Wikia. These can be found on the Central Wikia at Wikia:Category:Policy.

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