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If you have any questions or need any help, please contact one of the admins:

If you'd like to be an admin or bureaucrat, please use the "Requests for adminship" page and give your reasons for wanting to be an admin.

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Please contact an admin to report any activity of vandalism, spams or abuse. Please provide the username or IP address(of anon) you are reporting and give a brief description or explanation.

Copyright infringement

If you hold the copyright to an image or information and have not given Zombie Jombie Wiki permission to use it, enter the tag {{Copyright Claimed}} in the edit and contact an admin immediately. Please refer to Wikia's Terms of Use, "Claims of Copyright Infringement" section.

Affiliate request

If you would like for your wiki to becomes an affiliate of Zombie Jombie Wiki, please submit your request to the Site Adminstration Board by creating a new thread. Affiliation is subjected to approval of the community. Once approved, a link to Zombie Jombie Wiki must be place on the main page of your wiki.


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