"The ultimate weapons - ZOMBIES - are under your control! In this twist of events, the zombies are finally the good guys, and now they are yours to use in battle against the nastiest humans around! As a Jombie (one who can control zombies), the fate of the planet is in your hands as you defend city invasions by evil bosses who will stop at nothing to achieve total global domination. Build your customized card deck of brain-hungry undead soldiers and team up with friends to fight the diabolical bosses before it's too late!" -- Description taken from the Zombie Jombie website.

Welcome to the Zombie Jombie Wiki

Created by Gree for iOS, Zombie Jombie tasks players with completing quests in various cities around the US. While doing quests there are also gem collections to find and other Jombies to battle. This wiki is dedicated to helping Jombies, like you, find the best cards and learn tactics to be the best Zombie Jombie player possible!

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