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Trade is a feature of the game where players exchange cards, tokens, brains and traps. Both players must be at least at level 15 in order to trade. A maximum of 5 cards can be traded on a single request. Items put in a trade will be temporarily removed from your account until the trade is either rejected or completed.

Sending Trade Offer[edit | edit source]

To send a trade offer to a player, go to Social button.png and under Invite tab.png, select Send friend request tab.png then enter the friend code of the person you would like to trade with. Click on the profile picture of the player, select Trade button.png and then New trade button.png. Alternatively if you have added the player as a friend, go to Social button.png and under Trade tab.png, select New trade button.png. Put in the items you would like to trade and then send the trade. The player will receive a Trade Request and once the player has responded, you will be able to accept or reject the trade.

Receiving Trade Offer[edit | edit source]

You will receive a notification if a player had sent you a trade offer. You may put in the items that you would like to trade or reject the trade offer. If you choose to give your offer on the trade, you will receive a further notification on whether the trade is concluded or rejected.

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