There are six different colors of gems. They are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Players collect gems during quests or can battle for specific gems. The colour of gems that can be collected during questing is determined by the player's initial Leader Card selected in the beginning of the game.

Initial Leader Card Card Type Gem Colour
Cheerleader♀ Bombie Blue & Purple
Grizzly Bear Mombie Yellow & Green
Surfer Tombie Red & Orange

The type of gem that can be collected during questing is depended on the city the player is in.

City Gem
Las Vegas Poker chips red.jpgPoker chips orange.jpgPoker chips yellow.jpgPoker chips green.jpgPoker chips blue.jpgPoker chips purple.jpg
Poker Chips
New York Taxi Red.jpgTaxi Orange.jpgTaxi Yellow.jpgTaxi Green.jpgTaxi Blue.jpgTaxi Purple.jpg
San Francisco Cable Car Red.jpgCable Car Orange.jpgCable Car Yellow.jpgCable Car Green.jpgCable Car Blue.jpgCable Car Purple.jpg
Cable Car
Hollywood Star Red.jpgStar Orange.jpgStar Yellow.jpgStar Green.jpgStar Blue.jpgStar Purple.jpg
Houston Oil Drum Red.jpgOil Drum Orange.jpgOil Drum Yellow.jpgOil Drum Green.jpgOil Drum Blue.jpgOil Drum Purple.jpg
Oil Drum
Miami Palm Tree Red.jpgPalm Tree Orange.jpgPalm Tree Yellow.jpgPalm Tree Green.jpgPalm Tree Blue.jpgPalm Tree Purple.jpg
Palm Tree
Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Red.jpgDeep Dish Pizza Orange.jpgDeep Dish Pizza Yellow.jpgDeep Dish Pizza Green.jpgDeep Dish Pizza Blue.jpgDeep Dish Pizza Purple.jpg
Deep Dish Pizza
New Orleans Beads Red.jpgBeads Orange.jpgBeads Yellow.jpgBeads Green.jpgBeads Blue.jpgBeads Purple.jpg
Washington DC Capitol Building Red.jpgCapitol Building Orange.jpgCapitol Building Yellow.jpgCapitol Building Green.jpgCapitol Building Blue.jpgCapitol Building Purple.jpg
Capitol Building
Honolulu Tiki Red.jpgTiki Orange.jpgTiki Yellow.jpgTiki Green.jpgTiki Blue.jpgTiki Purple.jpg
Anchorage Salmon Red.jpgSalmon Orange.jpgSalmon Yellow.jpgSalmon Green.jpgSalmon Blue.jpgSalmon Purple.jpg
Detroit Engine Red.jpgEngine Orange.jpgEngine Yellow.jpgEngine Green.jpgEngine Blue.jpgEngine Purple.jpg

To find the rest of the colors they must battle other Jombies. If all of the color gems are collected for a specific collection, the player receives a rare card based on their initial Leader Card selection. For a list of rewards, see Goals. The card can only be received the first time the collection is completed. There is no incentive to completing a collection more than once.

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