Friend Code[edit | edit source]

A friend code is a 6 characters alpha numeric code unique to each player. You can invite or be sponsored by a player by entering the player's friend code.

Adding Friends[edit | edit source]

You can add a random friend by going to Social button.png and under Invite tab.png, select Send friend request tab.png. There will be a list of random players for you to send friend request to. To add a specific player, enter the person's friend code. A player will be added into your friend list when the person has accepted your friend request.

You will receive a Friend Request when someone wanted to be your friend. To accept, go to Social button.png and under Invite tab.png, select Accept friend request tab.png. You cannot delete and remove a friend once you have accepted the friend request.

[edit | edit source]

Set Sponsor

You are allowed to sponsor other players or be sponsored by a player. You will be able to rent (for free) the Leader Card of your sponsor for battle and Boss Fight. To add a sponsor, go to Menu button.png and select Friend code tab.png and enter the player's friend code (you will only be able to do this once). You can be the sponsor of as many players as you can get but you can only have one sponsor. Sponsorships are not transferable.

Number of Friends[edit | edit source]

At level 1, you can have 5 friends. At level 10, you can have 10 friends. For every 10 additional levels, you can have an additional 5 friends. You can also rent (for free) a friend's leader card once per day to use in a battle. You can also rent (for free) up to two friends' leader cards when you fight an area boss.

Social Points[edit | edit source]

You earn 1 Social Points each time you cheer a friend. You can cheer each friend once per day. 300 Social Points can be used to purchase a Mystery Chest.

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