Information about Epic Boss Battle[edit | edit source]

  1. The epic boss is triggered while questing during an event. The location you are questing will not affect the chance of a battle or the level of battle you are given. The epic boss can be triggered without energy by continuing to attempt to quest.
  2. You are given 200 Epic Force Points to use on the Epic Boss Battle, and you are given 2 hours to beat them. If you lose a battle, you can go back and try to beat them again as long as you're in the 2 hour window. If you go back to try again, whatever HP you took from the Epic Boss will still be gone. To conserve your Epic Force Points, you use as few cards as possible to defeat the Epic Boss.
  3. The Epic Boss attack twice per turn, shoot three rows of bullets, and deal between 5-20 damage to your zombies per attack depending on the card's defense. Since there are 5 columns and 2 rows of cards, the cards in the center of the deck are shot during every attack and will usually die faster, the next two cards (left-center and right-center) are hit more often then the two cards on the left and right. The cards in the back row take less damage, so the back two corners are the safest spots (back row is the row closest to you).
  4. The higher a zombie's attack, the more damage it will deal. The higher a zombie's defense, the less damage it will receive per hit. Cards will do damage close to 10% of their attack, the damage decreases as the epic boss level increases.
  5. Your zombie cards receive a bonus to attack called Size Boost based on how many cards you attack with. Rank 1 Size Boost (1-5 cards), Rank 2 Size Boost (6-9 cards), and Max Size Boost (10 cards). The Max Size Boost is a ~15% boost over the Rank 2 Size Boost.
  6. Missing a battle does NOT Reset the level back to 1.
  7. There will be a nemesis card for each event which will give 5x damage against the Boss. The card can be found in chests.


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